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Are you ready to make the pivot?

There are hundreds of arts administration jobs open RIGHT NOW, and I know that there is a career that you will love waiting for you in this field. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, and don't even know where to start, my one-on-one coachings will help you guide you each step of the way.


As someone who is rooted in equity in all things I do, I am determined to make coaching sessions with me accessible to anyone. 

The FREE 30 minute coaching call is designed for us to determine how best we can work together to pivot your career into the future of arts administration.

Hour long, personalized coaching sessions with me will help you design a step by step plan on what the next step in your career looks like. 

60 minute one-on-one coaching

About Mily


Let's Hang

Mily Harrod is a arts administrator, flutist, and arts equity advocate. Her career coaching business helps people pivot their career into arts management.

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